Are you feeling overwhelmed and stuck?
I bet you’ve tried a number of practices and methods to solve your problems in different areas in life but you keep on coming back to the beginning not getting the results you were hoping for after putting in all the effort?

That’s something we all struggle with. Business, personal growth, relationships, health… you name the area. We’re trying to achieve too many things at the same time in each area of life.
We’re not staying in the step we’re in.

My new “Step by step” coaching method will break things down and make them so simple and clear that you can’t help but overcome the obstacles keeping you from living the life you truly desire.

These 30-minute one-on-one sessions along with the homework questionnaires
will bring your focus to the step you’re in right now and help you focus on just that instead of trying to handle a bundle of problems all at once.

If you are not ready to create clarity, commit, take action, and stay in the step you’re in – this is not for you. I will not change you. Only you can do that. So, in this program you will be the one doing the work. I will be on your side supporting you and helping you to see the best next steps that will help you help yourself.
You take the steps and you choose the pace.

If you met me already and finished the Step 1 Survey to create clarity –
here are your options to continue working with me:


1 session

(1 x 30 Minutes)

𑁍 One Step

1 Step (1 x 30-Minute coaching session with homework)


2 sessions

(2 x 30 Minutes)

𑁍 Two Steps

2 Steps (2 x 30-Minute coaching sessions with homework)

Save 18 €


3 sessions

(3 x 30 Minutes)

𑁍 Three Steps

3 Steps (3 x 30-Minute coaching sessions with homework)

Save 45 €


4 sessions

(4 x 30 Minutes)

𑁍 Four Steps

4 Steps (4 x 30-Minute coaching sessions with homework)

Save 72 €


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