GOOD MOOD MOVES WORKSHOP (Collaboration with Moon Productions)


So, you’ve come to realise that having an online presence through videos was not just a simple trendy thing, but an inevitable development of the digital era? Now you’re trying to put your chocolate side forward, but the way you look and sound on camera is not quite the way you’d imagined it?
Well, good you’re here, cause this workshop is going to help you feel more natural on camera.

I believe it’s the very simple things that make the difference. In order to look and feel good for others you’re going to have to feel it in your body or from within (at least for the time you’re talking to this imaginary audience inside of your camera lens).
All inner feelings aside – your actual physical body is the best place to start!

I will share simple, but powerful practices that will make you feel & look more confident and come across more convincing. The only thing you have to do to benefit from this is to incorporate the practical advice I will share with you.

So, have a good sleep, eat well and SIGN UP for the online workshop. Let me show you some GOOD MOOD MOVES!

I am now setting up the technical side of the workshop. SIGNING UP opens soon.
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Moon Productions is a physical theatre organisation that brings together artists with different means and backgrounds to create beauty and spread good vibes in a world that is easily seen in different shades of gray. The devised theatre performances combine many art forms, innovations and techniques.

Working together with actors, directors, writers, painters, musicians, designers & now video producers, they create atmospheres that communicate honesty, purity, precision, diversity and goodwill. All for Love!

GOOD MOOD MOVES workshop combines theatrical exercises and basic knowledge of performing arts in a digital society. The workshop is suitable for anyone who needs to improve their appearance on video.

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