This is the start of something new!

I’m so happy that you’ve come across my blog about the fusion of healthy, happy and harmonious living and a lot of different ways to express creativity while making a living out of all things interesting to a person with too many interests AND keeping a balance while making it all happen – Good Mood Hood!

If you’ve been here before, you know it’s not my first try to pour my love on the people of the Internet, so wish me luck that I can stay consistent this time! I have some great ideas to share with ya’ll!

What is Good Mood Hood?

Straight to point – it’s a platform that combines creative business with a healthy lifestyle. 

Long story short – I’m a creative person addicted to change and new challenges. I’m not satisfied with just choosing one field and staying on it for the rest of my life. I’m also a spiritual being always in search of more balance, acceptance and inner growth.

So, instead of trying to keep my creative business and personal interests separate, I decided to combine them this time. It might sound like a strange combination, but the heck with it! Let me be strange one then! 

In the Good Mood Hood you will find a fusion of everything that defines me – spirituality, healthy lifestyle, video productions and theatre. I can’t tell you where this all will end up going… but I’m extremely excited to find it out!

Good Mood Hood 1.0 – Holistic Health

In this corner of the platform I will be sharing all I’ve learned and will learn about becoming more healthy and fit in the most simple ways. You will find easily digestible posts about nutrition, healthy lifestyle, exercise, good mood food recipes, mindfulness and spirituality along with personal stories about why to do any of that.

I have experimented with way too many different diets in my life without ever having a sickness or a heavy health condition as a trigger for doing so. I will tell you my personal story through all the future posts, but diet-wise let me just say for now that I’ve been an all-eater, a vegetarian, a vegan, a raw-vegan, a fruitarian, a proterian (you’re right, that word doesn’t exist), I’ve followed Ayurvedic advice on eating and I’ve kinda succeeded and kinda failed in all of these.

My goal throughout the experiments has been to become more food-conscious, because I thought it would help me on my spiritual journey through life. And it did – I realized that there is no right or wrong, there’s just conditioned me and conditioned you and conditioned everybody else and we all have different needs at different times of our journeys. The truth lies in keeping a healthy balance at all times. Through experimenting with so many different strict and less strict diets I’ve learned so much about the human experience in general and I’m so exited to share all this with you!

Sharing ones experience helps one to realize life on a much deeper level!

Good Mood Hood 2.0 – Video Productions

The sh*t just got serious. I’m bringing my exciting daily business into this. Cause holistic, right? Get ready for some awesomeness you didn’t know you needed in your life!

The bottom line though – if you don’t want to see me producing videos, you can always just stay at the healthy lifestyle side of the Hood! And this right here is a blog, so there’s a lot of talking to be expected here! 😉

Check out my Video Production Portfolio HERE.

Thanks for reading up until the very end! I’ll see you around! 🫶

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