(Austrian horn cookies with vanilla)


250g     wheat flour
210g      butter (margarine if you want to veganize them)
100        crushed almonds
70g        sugar
+ powder sugar and vanilla (or vanilla sugar) to sprinkle



Mix flour, butter, almond crumbs and sugar into a smooth dough. Wrap in plastic or use a small plastic bag and let rest in the refrigerator for about 1 hour.

Then shape the dough into small “sausages” and twist into “horns”.

Bake for 10-11 minutes at 175 C
(Top + bottom heating + reverse air)

Don’t let them brown too much. So, when you see that they start to turn brownish, take them out immediately (otherwise they will not melt in your mouth as they should). I normally bake them for 11 minutes, but it obviously depends on your oven and how large the horns are.
You’ll find your settings when you’ve baked them once (Don’t forget to write these down for the next time).

After taking them out, allow the horns to cool down and harden (at least 10 min), then sieve over the icing sugar and vanilla mixture. Lift the cookies around and sieve the powdered sugar mixture on the bottom as well.

NOTE: the cookies are extremely gentle, handle with care.

Store in an air proof box and take out a few every now and then to enjoy the sweet melting taste.

Don’t forget that shared joy is double joy. Love is a sweet feeling. Spread the sweetness! 𑁍 

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