So, this one goes out to all theย purpose driven holistic entrepreneursย out there! Now, you and I we both know that the word “holistic” has been a bit overused and sounds way too esoteric and non-serious, but you can immediately let go of this thought as who I refer to with this combination of words are business owners who create content to serve their communities and take care of themselves at the same time!

As I am one myself, I know how important it is to not only set my business and financial goals for the new year, but also all the other things I want to achieve and experience in my life. So, my business is created around my values, purpose and life (holistic, right?).

If there’s one thing I’ve learned on my entrepreneurial journey, it is thatย my business is not successful unless I am on top of my game. And the only way for me to show up at my best is to keep self-care, fitness and fun time with friends and family as a top priority in my schedule.

If you are a workaholic like me, you know how hard it is to discipline yourself to take that me-time or to go for that run or to justify that yoga session that makes you start your working day an hour later – but you also know that you run out of energy and become emotionally drained if you keep on prohibiting yourself to do the things that matter the most.

Ok, just wanted to get that thought out there. The Good Mood Content Planner is designed to get you focused for the year to come, to set goals and schedule content based on your personal and professional goals, so you feel at ease while growing your business.

Working with this content planner, you will start by reminding yourself who you are, what you need and why are you here in the first place. It includes worksheets for clearing your vision, following your purpose and setting goals in all areas that play major roles in your life.

The actual monthly Content Planner helps you keep the everyday work clear and simple and as long as you actually follow through the plan you create yourself; it will help you reach your goals and track your performance weekly.

As soon as you start planning the year ahead, please promise yourself you will start with planning the holidays. Then focus on how you build your business around it.

Put yourself first – this is the only thing you can do to prepare yourself to give to others.

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The Good Mood Content Planner includes:

๐‘ 12 Monthly Planner Sheets with fillable dates

๐‘ Yearly Planner

๐‘ Business Growth Tracking

๐‘ Monthly Focus Setting

๐‘ Weekly Performance Tracking

๐‘ Clear Your Vision Worksheet

๐‘ Follow Your Mission Worksheet

๐‘ Goal Setting Worksheet

๐‘ Self Check Worksheet

๐‘ Gratitude Worksheet


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The Content Planner
The Good Mood Content Planner is designed to get you focused, set goals and schedule content based on your purpose, so you feel at ease while growing your business.

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